Nurse educators recommend study strategies with mixed levels of utility to nursing students




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The objective of this research is to survey Texas nurse educators in order to ascertain which learning strategies nursing faculty frequently suggest to their students. This aspect of nursing education research is under-explored and is of potential interest to nurse educators who seek to improve the learning success of their students. Respondents (n = 52) were nursing faculty with Master’s (n = 30) or Doctoral (n = 22) Degrees and who currently teach in Practical Nursing (n = 1), Associate’s Degree in Nursing (n = 10), Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (n = 29) or Graduate Nursing (n = 12) programs in the State of Texas.
Preliminary findings reveal that while nursing faculty suggest an array of high- and moderate-utility study methods, they continue to advise students to employ low-utility study methods. These findings reveal the need for further research and potential faculty education regarding efficacious study strategies in nursing education.