A critical appraisal of "Effects of experimental anterior knee pain on muscle activation during landing and jumping performed at various intensities"




Smith, Dekker

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The outcome of anterior knee pain on neural activation of the lower extremity is largely unknow, specifically in jumping and landing activities. The effect of such pain on specific muscle groups is not clearly understood. The study to be appraised focuses on specific lower extremity muscles using surface EMG to detect muscle activation during jumping and landing activities at high and low intensity when exposed to experimental anterior knee pain. This article was strengthened by clearly stated purposes and hypothesis. The authors then time to speculate on the reasoning for contrary findings and stated that more research would need to be done for verification. This article may have been weakened by its lack of conformity to accepted parameters of Randomized Clinical Control Trials (RCT). There was no stated randomization or blinding and subjects were recruited to participate. Overall the strengths of this study outweigh the weaknesses and provide better insight into muscle activation in the presence of anterior knee pain.