This is Nonsense: My Excursion Into Tractarian Mysticism.




Kiser, James

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It is my intention with this paper to show the way in which the mystical, inescapably bears upon the "picture of the world" (Wittgenstein 1999: 3.01). The way in which I will accomplish this is through a (spatial) revisioning of Tractarian "logical space". This spatial conception will allow for the mystical to be brought from silence into a (hopefully) more active position, in relation to "everything that is the case" (Wittgenstein 1999: 1). More specifically, this relation is one in which the picture of the world is wholly contingent upon the way in which an individual ascents to a particular belief system. This can be viewed as a sort of perspective based ontology, which skirts dangerously close to strong relativism. While there are a range of issues that have arose just in the presenting of the following thought, I am of the mind that there is a worthwhile pursuit here, and find a certain frustration in my inability to fully expound on the ideas I am presenting due to constraints of the scope which this paper must operate under.