Effect of Neofat on offspring sex ratios in Rambouillet and Suffolk sheep.




Lange, Sarah E.

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Maternal diet and body condition are conceivably the most studied factors influencing sex ratio. The objective of this study was to determine if Neo-fat® influences offspring sex ratio in Rambouillet and Suffolk sheep. Ewes were randomly assigned to one of two treatments (n = 46). Treatment 1 consisted of a basal diet to serve as a control, and Treatment 2 consisted of the basal diet plus Neo-Fat fed at 0.46% of body weight. Ewes were bred after four weeks of feeding and continued to be fed for an additional two weeks. Blood samples were taken at breeding to determine differences in NEFA concentrations in serum. Results were only considered for ewes lambing as a result of being bred on the first estrus cycle and indicated no differences among NEFA concentrations, lamb sex ratios or lamb birth weights (P > 0.05).



Suffolk, Rambouillet, Neo-fat, Maternal diet, Sheep