Examining the Use of Knowledge Management Technology in a Small Nonprofit to Attain Organizational Goals




Kennady, Maxwell Edison

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People working for nonprofit organizations today have many responsibilities, from planning fundraisers to organizing volunteers. For daily tasks, the employees and volunteers of nonprofits must have access to necessary information. This is vital to the success of the organization and to its mission. With limited financial and human resources, a nonprofit must be able to share information effectively in order to accomplish organizational goals. This is especially true for small nonprofits. Recent research has focused on knowledge management technology and its ability to provide an efficient, low-cost way to share information to a wide range of people within a nonprofit. Using interviews with three key groups, this study examines the knowledge processes of a small animal rescue 501(c)(3) and provides a practical explanation of the uses of knowledge management and related technology for the organization.



Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Nonprofit Organization, Technology