Major Depressive Disorder and Marital Relationships




Lindberg, Rachael

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This literature review explores the correlative link between marital relationships and depressive symptoms and examines the directionality of marital discord and depressive symptoms as it can vary between individuals. Conflicts within the partnership can damage the relationship as well as the well-being of each individual. Many studies have found that marital discord is linked to depressive symptoms in males and females, as well as among different races and ethnicities and even across different age groups (e.g. Beach, Katz & Brody, 2003; Whisman, Robustelli, Beach, Snyder and Harper, 2015; Hollist, Miller, Falceto & Fernandes, 2007). Marital discord has the potential to result in negative outcomes such as separation and/or divorce as well as negative outcomes in children if left unaddressed or untreated (e.g. Franck & Buehler, 2007; Devine & Forehand, 1996). It can also have the potential to strengthen a relationship that learns from the hardship. This review of literature indicates that marital discord is correlated with depressive symptoms, however the specifics tend to vary between genders, races and ethnicities, and age groups.



Marriage, Depression, Marital discord, Marital discord model of depression, Couples Therapy