"My boss is racist" A study of employees' perceptions of boss' racist comments on Twitter




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Diverse populations in the United States have recognized a structure of systematic racism in American workplace. This study seeks to identify different types of perceived racism by employers and evidence of perceived organizational injustice. To identify racism in the workplace, this study focused on employee tweets. Specifically, two content analyses were conducted to distinguish between perceived racist behaviors. The first analysis uses the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) model of discrimination types to identify the types of discrimination within the tweets, and the second analysis uses Colquitt’s (2011) organizational justice to find evidence of organizational injustices within the tweets. Results supported that employees perceived both verbal and nonverbal racist behaviors by their bosses, and those racist behaviors include all three types of workplace, harassment, and policy discrimination as defined by the EEOC. In addition, this study also concluded that employees perceive procedural, interpersonal, distributive, and informational injustices through boss’ racist behaviors.



Racism, Workplace, Workforce, Employee, Perception, Perceived Racism, superior-subordinate relationship, organizational justice, inclusive workplace, system theory