Organization of the San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium




Mancha, Amanda

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The purpose of this project was to be able to help organize a sports medicine conference. San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium is held every year in early January. People from around the United States come and discuss important topics related to sports medicine. This symposium is open to Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and other health care professionals that have a field related to sports medicine. My plan to help organize the symposiums started with communicating with Sherry Ann Miller, Symposium Coordinator and Dr. Warren Simpson, Director of Graduate Studies in Coaching, Sports, Recreation and Fitness administration. They both gave me contacts to get in touch with and also a rubric to begin an invitation letter. Once the invitation letter was finalized I sent them off to the suggested contacts and received RSVPs within a week or two. Once the speakers finalized their topics and at what times they wanted/needed to present I began making a flyer to send Sherry Ann. This flyer contains the presentation times, speakers, topics, cost for attending, who to get a hold of to attend the symposium, where the symposium will be held and at what time it begins. In the end I learned to always have a plan B when organizing large events such as this one. Everything went accordingly for the most part, and if something was out of order we were able to adapt to the situation very quickly. It was a great experience for me to organize a professional symposium with Sherry Ann, especially with it being my very first symposium.


How to organize a conference.