A critical analysis of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a failed state embedded with state terrorism



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This thesis examines. Terrorism, which is the individual fact or non-state groups fighting against a political regime, also constitutes a world of government by terror. This is state terrorism. The Congo has always experienced great upheavals with the intervention of neighboring countries in economic, military, and political life. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a failed state with collapsed institutions. Economic interests are one of the main causes of the international nature of multiple conflicts. Our research work is to understand and explain the roots of state failure and state terrorism in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Conditions in the DRC are catastrophic. My analysis explores the interrelation between colonialism, state failure in the post- colonial period, and regime-led terrorism. The thesis will demonstrate that corrupt political elites are the main reason why the DRC is a failed state and that the leaders of the country were and are the sponsors of state terrorism. The DRC has been a failed state since the end of colonization. Post-independence leaders Mobutu Sese Seko, Joseph Kabila, and his son Laurent ruled a predatory terrorist state whose only beneficiaries were and are the regime's inner circle of corrupt family members, businessmen, and bureaucratic elites of State. An all-powerful elite or state bourgeoisie, having succeeded in institutionalizing theft and corruption and thereby destroying the economy, the social fabric, and the infrastructure. (Gabi Hesselbein2007.4)