A critical appraisal of "Effect of exercising at minimum recommendations of the multiple sclerosis exercise guideline combined with structured education or attention control education - secondary results of the step it up randomized controlled trial"




Busker Sower, Megan

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The purpose of this paper is to perform a critical review of an article as it relates to the clinical question: Is fatigue management more important than physical activity level to manage exacerbation relapse period frequency in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The article was appraised for its strengths and weaknesses concerning the introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections. Overall the article is very well written and exhibits many strengths. However, the article demonstrates minimal clinical significance once outcomes were obtained. Despite the decreased clinical significance the appraisal will show that the research study performed was a necessary, valid, and provides a framework to continue to explore the relationship between fatigue and physical activity in individuals diagnosed with MS. The importance of this appraisal is to determine if there are option available to decrease exacerbation seen in MS that leads to disability. Also to determine if managing fatigue on a educational and physical activity level results in improved quality of life in those individuals living with MS.