A critical appraisal of "Effects of menstrual phase-dependent resistance training frequency on muscular hypertrophy and strength"




Leija, Desiree

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This appraisal was done in response to a thorough search for physical therapy interventions that could possibly be used in future practices. The female population undergoes therapy often for an extensive number of reasons. Many of these reasons are due to physiological differences women have. This article had a significant number of strengths but did not correlate with the clinical question in mind. This appraisal listed several potential benefits of training outcomes and the menstrual cycle. The benefits of aligning a menstrual cycle were not emphasized in the article because of the results. Women make up a large percentage of the population and addressing their sex-specific implications can help improve their outcomes by a larger margin. This appraisal emphasizes the importance of knowing the populations therapist work with. It is important to take it a step further and addressing potential problems or solutions to help these populations. The potential problems women have could also be potential solutions.