Common fibular nerve case report




Hernandez, Daniel

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Angelo State University. Department of Physical Therapy.


Background and Purpose: The purpose of this case report is to examine the results of a multimodal effect of evidence-based treatment to improve common fibular nerve injury for a competitive tennis player 4 months post a common fibular nerve release procedure. The treatment consisted of active range of motion, resisted banded motion, Russian electrical stimulation, fibular nerve glides, nerve glides, static standing exercises, standing dynamic exercises, and moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise. Case Description: The patient is a 60-year-old individual who began experiencing high level of muscle weakness, numbness, and paresthesia in the common fibular nerve distribution shortly after picking up tennis as a hobby during the COVID pandemic in 2020. He received physical therapy for 2 weeks as well as steroid shots before opting for a fibular nerve release procedure. The patient returned to therapy 2 1/2 months after with a decreased level of the same symptoms. Outcomes: The patient was able to make significant improvements with his range of motion, joint mobility, pain levels, functional mobility, strength, gait, static standing balance, and dynamic standing balance. He also improved his confidence to play tennis safely. Discussion: The patient was able to improve all deficits via the multimodal treatment plan set in place. The patient missed the last session where measurements were updated in week 6, thus objective measurements were not recorded past week 4.



common fibular nerve, talofibular glides, russian estim, nerve mobilizations