A critical appraisal of "Aerobic exercise for Alzheimer's disease: a randomized controlled pilot trial"




Santiago Casas, Martin

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My goal while appraising this article was to determine the effectiveness and validity of the study itself while also determining the clinical implications this research can have on the field of physical therapy. As future physical therapist, I will need to be able to discern what evidence is credible and relevant versus what is not. Morris 2017 is a research article explaining the effects of aerobic exercise on memory and cognitive functioning. It is through my appraisal that I determined that this research study was designed in a way to lead to future implications for the role of physical therapy in populations with Alzheimer's disease. Although the experiment was testing for multiple outcome measures, they are all potentially clinically significant and can lead to future studies. While nothing was entirely conclusive, this research study suggests aerobic exercise can improve memory function and brain health.