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Collection consists of documents, legal documents such as deeds and liens, photographs, maps, and correspondence pertaining to the Broome, Stranahan, Merchant, and Hunter families and in particular Claude A. Broome, Lizzie Broome (Stranahan), and Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Merchant.


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Broome, Stranahan, Merchant, Claude Broome, Cyrus Lafayette Broome, Lizzie Stranahan, Armilda Hunter, J.A. Stranahan, Louis Farr, Sheep and Goat Raisers Magazine, San Angelo Livestock Show, Sheep and Goat Raisers Association, San Angelo, Ozona, Ferdinand Noelke, Noelke, J.W. Johnson, Dwight L. Hunter, Mary Bland Millspaugh, J.L. Millspaugh, Tom Green County, Ron Barbutti, T.E. Wylie, Henry Schmidt, Whitten Ranch, R.F. Tankersly, C.W. Adams, Welge, DeBerry, Betty Wylie, H.C. Wylie, M.B. Pulliam, Louis Nimitz, Wright and Winn, Rosa Koenigheim, L.O. Nimitz, J. Walter Mann, Mitzi Broome McKinney, Dorothy Brewer, Genealogy, Matthew Broome, Will H. Price, Utica, Confederate Army 16 Mississippi Infantry, Beulah Robinette, Goland, Madeline Byvatine, John Casey, Lillie Case, George Broome, James Erwin Brite, Mary Louisa Brite, Courtany Yates Bates, J.J. Nussbaumer, Merle Moody, Jane Broome, Lizzie Broome, Mary Hunter, Michael McKinney, San Angelo Lion's Club Cowboy Band, Harold Broome, Marian Broome, Kelton Thurman, George S. Broome, Guthrie, Theresa Nimitz, Margaret Allison, Margaret Kilgore, Sixie Hall, Peg Holman, Anna DeBerry Broome, Judge Hill, Charles Persy Broome, Florence Broome Smith, Arthru Broome, Elisabeth Broome, Kealhoffer, Armand Cyrus Broome, Charles Alymer Broome, Seymour Broome, Downtown San Angelo


Broome, Hunter, Stranahan, Merchant Collection, West Texas Collection, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX