A critical appraisal of "Neuromuscular exercise post partial medial meniscectomy: randomized controlled trial"




Cano, Courtnie

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The purpose of this critical appraisal was done with the intent to analyze the reliability and validity of "Neuromuscular Exercise post Partial Medial Meniscectomy: Randomized Controlled Trial"�. This article best answered the question, does neuromuscular exercise decrease the likelihood of developing knee osteoarthritis post meniscectomy? While doing so this critical appraisal the introduction, methods, results, and discussion were examined for any flaws and inconsistencies. The introduction and discussion were clear and direct while the methods and results had some inconsistent findings. The article recognized the limitations that presented themselves and advised various alterations to be made if someone wished to pursue this topic further. Other outcome measures were suggested as it was believed they could provide more of an insight and the potential benefits of neuromuscular exercise. This was a strength of the article as it recognized the issues with the study instead of making false claims. As of right now, this intervention would not be an ideal treatment plan for decreasing the risks of developing knee osteoarthritis.