Does the applicant's eye gaze affect interview outcomes in virtual job interviews?




Jang, Heewon

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Video-mediated communication has enabled people to communicate over long distances at a low cost. Despite the technical advances, video-mediated communication systems still have challenges, such as a lack of eye contact. Eye contact is considered an essential element in job interviews. It has been shown that the absence of eye contact affects interview outcomes in face-to-face interviews. However, research on the effects of eye contact in video-mediated job interviews is limited. The current study explores whether an applicant's eye direction affects the interviewer's perceived eye contact and how the interviewer's ratings of applicants vary based on the perceived eye contact affected by the applicant’s eye direction in a video mediated job interview. We expect findings to contribute to the growing body of knowledge regarding the effect of eye direction and eye contact in video-mediated job interviews. Potential job candidates may use the findings from this study as a guide to improving their chances of success in job interviews.