Corn Gluten Feed in Winter Supplements




Alejandro, Nicholas Andrew

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The objective of this study was to test the feasibility of using corn gluten feed in winter supplements. For this study, 60 unbred Rambouillet ewes were randomly assigned to one of twenty pens. Additionally, pens were assigned to one of four treatments. Treatments consisted of the control diet of only hay and three treatments containing corn gluten feed at 0, 10, and 30% for 60 days. No difference was observed in supplementation refusals or intake among treatments. Mean body weights within all treatments did differ (P<0.05) by date. Mean body weight within each individual treatment were similar (P>.05) among treatments. Treatment by day interaction differed (P<0.05). The 30% treatment better maintained and increased body weight over the 10 % group as well as the 0% treatment and control all while having a lower mean body weight by treatment although mean body weight by treatment did not differ (P>0.05).



Corn Gluten Feed, Body Weight