A critical appraisal of "Feasibility of early physical therapy for dizziness after a sports-related concussion: a randomized trial"




Dombkowski, Theodora

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Although concussions are very common and effect millions of athletes in the United States every year, there is little known on how to rehabilitate from this brain injury. This selected article was chosen to critically appraise as well as address the question, can physical therapy help decrease the symptoms of concussions in athletes more than rest? The overall goal of this appraisal is to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of this pilot study, specifically the introduction, methods, results and discussion sections. The study used symptomatic recovery and medical clearance as measurement outcomes and blinded both the subjects and the medical personnel who performed the clearance exams. The experimenters used sound methods for the study, altering the intervention to meet the needs of each subject specifically. After analysis the study showed that subjects who underwent physical therapy treatment recovered faster than the subjects that did undergo physical therapy. Because it was such a small-scale pilot study, there is still much to be learned before this intervention is used in clinics. However with further research physical therapy could be the future for concussion rehabilitation.