Correlation Between Body Composition and Fitness Components




Burtch, Madison

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Background Given the prevalence of overweight and obese individuals in our society today, it is important to know the implications of unhealthy body composition on our health. The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between body composition (specifically body fat percentage) and various fitness components. Methods Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis was used to assess participants’ body composition and continued to measure muscular power (vertical jump using Vertec device), muscular endurance (60 second pushup test), muscular strength (grip strength using dynamometer), and aerobic endurance (a three minute step test and measuring heart rate for 60 seconds following). Results Body fat percentage showed moderate significant correlations to certain fitness components: grip strength, vertical jump, and the 3 minute step test. Body fat percentage is not significantly correlated to pushups. Conclusions Increased body fat is associated with decreased performance among certain physical fitness components, including muscular power and strength as well as aerobic endurance.



Body Composition, Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass, Fitness Components