American citizens' involvement in South Africa during the second Boer war




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From 1899-1902, the Second Boer War captured the attention of the American people and featured prominently in news reports and political debates at the national, regional, and local level. Contemporary historians have overlooked the significant role that Americans played in the conflict. This study examines the impact of individual citizens on the South African war. It begins with an overview of the political debate to provide context for an analysis of the motivations and actions of American participants. It traces efforts to reap profits by supplying the combatants with needed goods in the form of horses and mules. Attention then turns to those who travelled to the Transvaal to participate directly or indirectly in the conflict. Particular emphasis throughout is placed on San Angelo citizens. The thesis contends that the actions of American citizens significantly influenced the course of the Second Boer War.



Second Boer War, South African, American participants, Transvaal