Deception in Therapy: Setting as a Motivation



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The current study investigated setting as a motivation for deception. The therapy setting was compared to a casual social situation in attempts to see if there were differences, speculating that therapy relationships involve more closeness, thus less deception endorsement/motivation. Furthermore, the orientation of benefit (self vs. other) was also explored as well as lie acceptability. Participants were recruited from Angelo State University using Sona-Systems technology in return for course credit. Participants were asked to watch stimulus videos and complete the Deception Motivation Questionnaires in response. In addition, participants completed the Revised Lie Acceptability Scale and a Demographics Questionnaire. The questionnaires were used to assess participants’ use of, acceptance, and motivations for using deception. Results indicated that setting was not a motivation for deception. Overall, results indicated significant effects in the types of lie and orientation of benefit of deception. Further implications of motivational factors to use deception are discussed.



Deception, Therapy, Setting