The Qualities College Students Want in Their Professors Versus Professors' Perceptions



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One of the ways modern universities analyze the effectiveness of their professors’ teaching is through student course evaluations, which most universities now utilize regularly to learn more about students’ overall opinions of their professors and classes (Arnon & Reichel, 2007). However, course evaluations do not necessarily provide much insight into the specific qualities and characteristic that students are looking for in their professors and are not guaranteed to be used by professors to improve their teaching methods. The purpose of this study was to identify the specific characteristics that college students look for in their professors, whether they prioritize professor or class characteristics, and see whether professors are aware of students’ priorities. Overall, results indicate that professors are aware of students’ priorities to a certain degree but could still benefit from learning more about the specific characteristics students prioritize.



professor qualities, what students want, good teacher, master teacher, pedagogy, online versus face-to-face, undergraduate, graduate, professor, students, college, course evaluations, characteristic consensus, where great teachers come from, nature versus nurture, born or made