A critical appraisal of "Improved continence outcomes with preoperative pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises"




Nodine, Jessica

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Critical appraisal is important when reviewing articles because it helps you decide if the article is evidence based, is valid, and that we can rely on it to use its results in the clinical setting. Reviewing this article was part of an assignment so that we can understand how to critically appraise an article that we are interested in. It starts the methods used to find the article like the databases used and the inclusions and exclusions criteria. The article is published in the journal Urologic Nursing, June 2001. The results section of the critical appraisal encompasses the summary of the article and the strengths and weaknesses of the introduction, methods, results, and discussion of the article. The clinical importance of this article to current PT practice is that it can help physical therapists understand what works and does not work as treatment for patients that have urinary incontinence in general. After completing this critical appraisal, I would not use the intervention appraised to back up my decisions in a clinic. I believe that in order for my stance to change in favor of the outcome measure we would need to know more about the validity and reliability of the outcome measures, the exercises used, and the biofeedback that was given. I do not have enough confidence in the validity of this article to consider using the evidence with a future patient or client. In conclusion, I believe that with more research in this topic, you may be able to find more articles that are recent and support the same claims that are made in this article.