A critical appraisal of "The efficacy of gait training using a body weight support treadmill and visual biofeedback in patients with subacute stroke: a randomized controlled trial"




Cavazos, Sarita

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The purpose of this critical appraisal is to examine the research conducted by researchers from the Institute of Physiotherapy, the Clinical Rehabilitation Ward of Province Hospital No. 2 and the Center for Innovative Research in Medical and Natural Sciences in Rzeszow, Poland. This article was selected to answer the clinical question: Does the use of biofeedback in physical therapy treatment speed up rehabilitation following a stroke? The purpose of the researchers' study was to determine if the use of a body weight support (BWS) treadmill with visual biofeedback would lead to greater improvements in gait in subacute stroke patients compared to using a BWS treadmill without visual biofeedback. Each section of the article was analyzed and the strengths and weaknesses of each were discussed, with the ultimate conclusion that this article provides sufficient evidence to rule out visual biofeedback as an effective tool for improving gait in subacute stroke patients.