Perceptions of Victimization, Impulsivity, and Personality Traits



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Victimization is a problem that affects many populations, but college students may be predisposed to getting victimized or engaging in victimizing behaviors. College students are typically found in the age cohort that is deemed to have the highest chance to experience a sexual victimization situation as well as commit violent crimes. For various reasons, these individuals need to be aware of the dangers and possibilities that loom in their everyday lives. This research investigated correlates of personality and impulsivity with perceptions of sexual assault. The present study was able to establish a relationship between impulsivity and perceptions of sexual assault or victimization. In particular, males were less likely to perceive a situation as victimization than their female counterparts. Additionally, positive correlations were found between impulsivity traits and personality traits such as extraversion and openness.



Victimization, Impulsivity, Personality Traits, College Students