Cultural frame switching and emotion among Mexican-Americans




Kreitler, Crystal M.
Dyson, Kara S.

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Recent evidence indicates that bicultural individuals shift between interpretive frames rooted in different cultures in response to cues encountered in a given situation. The theoretical explanation for these shifts has been labeled Cultural Frame Switching. Research suggests that bicultural individuals shift attributions and values in the presence of culture-relevant stimuli. The current research sought to investigate the effect of priming culture among Mexican-American individuals. Culture was primed by exposing either Mexican or American icons to Mexican-American participants prior to completing an attribution task followed by completing questionnaires assessing current and general emotion. Results revealed that participants primed with American icons reported fewer external attributions then did participants primed with Mexican icons. Further, participants primed with Mexican icons also reported less negative affect and greater general positive affect then did those in the American condition.



cultural frame switching, bicultural, Mexican Americans, attribution, priming


Kreitler, C. M. & Dyson, K. S. (2016). Cultural frame switching and emotion among Mexican-Americans. Journal of Latinos and Education, 15(2).