The effect of corn gluten feed on performance and carcass characteristics of feeder lambs




Capote, Kendall Lynn

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The by‐product corn gluten feed can be utilized in sheep finishing diets as an alternative energy source. The objective of this study was to determine if corn gluten feed consumption affected growth rates, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of lambs. 80 Rambouillet lambs were randomly assigned to a group pen and allocated to one of four treatment diets containing different concentrations of corn gluten feed (0‐10‐20‐30%). Average daily gain fluctuated by date and treatment by date (P<0.05) but was similar among treatments (P>0.05). Control group individuals consumed more than 20% and 30% corn gluten individuals (P<0.05). Feed efficiency was not different between treatment groups (P<0.05). At 24h postmortem, live weight, hot carcass weight, dressing percentage, loineye area, body wall fat thickness, leg circumference, and flank streaking were evaluated; harvest date for body wall fat thickness and leg circumference differed (P<0.05). Loin samples were then cooked and evaluated for sensory attributes, which were similar between treatments (P<0.05). The results of this study indicate that livestock producers can effectively use corn gluten feed as a component of lamb finishing diets without producing adverse effects on gain or carcass quality.



corn gluten feed, carcass characteristics, meat quality, feed efficiency, Rambouillet lambs