Assessing the construct validity of the situational test of emotional management.




Hartman, Michael J.

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The current study examined the construct validity of the Situational Test of Emotional Management (STEM), a newly developed measure of emotional intelligence. A logistic regression approach was utilized to assess the STEM, at the item-level, on two factors, gender and Extraversion. It was hypothesized a logistic model including gender and Extraversion would significantly predict classification of participants into two groups (correct response on STEM items and incorrect response on STEM items) beyond a simple intercept-only logistic regression. Data analysis revealed that the gender and Extraversion did not significantly enhance the classification rates of participants into the two groups, but gender was a significant univariate influence on four items. Explanations as to why the hypothesis was not fully supported are discussed, as well as avenues for future research.



Gender, Situational Test of Emotional Management, Extraversion, STEM