Seasonal Prevalence of Mosquitoes of San Angelo, TX




Stone, Quint

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Mosquitoes spread diseases to domesticated livestock, wildlife, and human populations. Mosquitoes are carriers of specified pathogens depending upon their genus and species as well as their geographic distribution and that of their host. While the original intent of this project was to determine if mosquitoes in the San Angelo area carry Zika virus, preliminary research failed to show the presence of mosquito species known to be capable of transmitting ZIKV. Therefore, the goal of this project is to identify any differences in the presence and prevalence of specific mosquito species in San Angelo, Texas, depending upon seasonal changes and to determine if seasonal changes will allow the presence of mosquitoes capable of carrying ZIKV in San Angelo, Texas. Mosquitoes were collected with the BG-Sentinel CO2 trap and identified based upon morphologic traits. Spring 2018 collections are compared to data collections from preliminary captures in Fall 2017 as well as collections previously reported from Fall collections. Comparison of mosquito populations during these two time frames may be informative related to risk of acquisition of various mosquito borne diseases at various times of year and protection measures to be taken.



Mosquitoes, West Texas, ZIKV Seasonal Prevalence