Population analysis of Chrysina woodii (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the Davis Mountains of West Texas



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This study examined the seasonal dynamics of a population of Wood’s jewel scarab inhabiting the primitive equestrian site located in the Davis Mountain State Park of west Texas. Mark and recapture techniques were conducted on adults of Chrysina woodii from July 2015 to October 2016 to determine population size, sex ratios, survival rates and dispersal capabilities. Population estimates and survival rates were estimated for both sexes using the POPAN Jolly-Seber model and the Cormack-Jolly Seber model in Program MARK. Beetles were determined to be highly mobile, capable of traveling between sites along the length of Limpia Creek. During peak activity in July and August, an estimated ~1900 (827-4874 ±95% CI) adult C. woodii travel through the primitive site during 2015 and ~ 2100 (527- 8389 ±95% CI) for the 2016 season. Sex ratios appear skewed with more males captured than females, and survival rates did not vary drastically between sexes.



Chrysina, Program MARK, Population, Survival, Coleoptera