A critical appraisal of "Efficacy of intensive neurodevelopmental treatment for children with developmental delay, with or without cerebral palsy"




Moczygemba, Derek

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Cerebral palsy, often diagnosed at childhood, can have a severe impact on the developmental progress of children. Though a variety of treatments exist to help improve motor function in those with cerebral palsy, positive results vary from treatment to treatment. Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) has a long history as being a possible treatment option, but the application of NDT producing positive results is still in question. The intent of this paper was to find a credible and reliable research article that could produce results showing NDT as a positive treatment option for those afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. The initial search began by finding articles utilizing NDT as in intervention on those diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. "Efficacy of Intensive Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Children With Developmental Delay, With or Without Cerebral Palsy"� was chosen and then critically analyzed in order to determine the reliability of its results. Each section was evaluated to determine its positive and negative aspects, and ultimately the article presented few areas for improvement. The conclusion of the article showed gross motor function improvement in those diagnosed with cerebral palsy after an intervention of intensive NDT. The article was deemed to be a reliable source, thus presenting NDT as a potential treatment option for those with cerebral palsy in the clinical setting.