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For a number of years Marie Russell served as County Clerk for Tom Green County. During that time (1978-1991), she received many queries for genealogical material. The collection contains two boxes of parallel lists related to query requests and a third box containing absentee ballots, poll receipts, etc. of various Tom Green County residents. The collection also includes several scrapbooks, including one concerning WWII, and one book, “Fort Concho Medical History: 1869-1972”, located in the closed stacks.


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Marie Russell, Fort Concho, Fort Concho Medical History, Tom Green County, Absentee Ballot, Poll Receipt, William M. Notson, Carl E. Clark, Eva Baldwin, Scott Gardner, Lillian Talbert, C.H. McCarthy, Ida McAulay, T.F. Pinckney, James B. Keating, Cleo Edith Fryer, T.J. Crosson, James Q. Chenoweth, Eural James, Jennie Lackey, Rowdy Kate, Zeev Raphel, B.O. Wood, W.C. Blanks, W.C. Harris, Chisholm Cattle Trail, Tom Green, Francis Taylor, Louis F. Jones, Maier House, San Angelo Courthouse, Ferdinand Noelke, Vernon McKinley Atkins, Fritz Luckenbach, Ruby Hattie Cleon Wilson, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Baze Cemetery, Buffalo Soldier, Claude A. Broome, 1936 San Angelo Flood, Magnolia Petroleum Company, Metcalf, John O. Frink, Tuberculosis, San Angelo, WWII, Scrapbook


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