Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre: A History




Rodriguez, Eli

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Few artists can claim to have had such success in so many forms of media as Orson Welles. His vision spanned decades and developed through three distinct yet closely related forms. Founded as a federally funded theatre project, what came to be known as his Mercury Theatre soon evolved into a regular radio broadcast. From this form, along with his subsequent ventures into film, emerged what would become his most widely remembered presentations. These include the infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast and Citizen Kane, which has since been heralded as one of the cinematic medium’s greatest achievements. However, the influence of the Mercury’s first incarnation served as a mold for each of its later forms, with Welles’ unique style of producing and his regular cast shaping each successor in familiar style.



Orson Welles, Theatre, Radio, Film, Mercury Theatre