A comparison of semen thawing for artificial insemination in cattle.




Kaczyk, Brittni L.

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Beef cows (n=23) were used to compared conception rates of two different thawing methods used for artificial insemination (AI). Cows were divided into the treatment or control group based on time of estrus. In the treatment, frozen semen was placed directly into the AI gun and inserted into the female for deposition after a minimum of 30 seconds. The control females experienced the typical thawing process of semen straws placed in a water bath for a minimum of 30 seconds, then loaded into the AI gun and deposited into the uterus of the female. Conception rates were similar between semen thawing methods (P > 0.51). Additionally, the study analyzed semen motility using the two different thaw methods and found no difference (P = 1.0). In conclusion, thawing semen directly in the reproductive tract of the female provides the same conception rates as traditional thaw methods.



conception rates, thawing methods, artificial insemination, semen motility, beef cows