Oral memoirs of Alvin “Al” Wankowski: Interviews conducted in September 2021

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Alvin “Al” Wankowski was born in Crivitz, Wisconsin. He grew up on that farm until he joined the United States Air Force in 1948. Wankowski completed basic training at Lackland Air Force Base and then was sent to Guam where he worked as a supply inspector. After being sent back to the States, Wankowski was trained as a radio aircraft mechanic and sent to a maintenance shop at Mitchel Air Force Base. He got married and was stationed in Kassel, Germany where he set up antennas for the security service. While abroad, he also served in Crete and Turkey. Wankowski left the service in 1972 in San Angelo, Texas, and began to work for New York Life. After a few years, he got his broker’s license and started to invest in real estate. Eventually, Wankowski owned several properties and rented them out. Wankowski's oral history is full of personal anecdotes about his experiences being raised on a farm, serving in the military, and managing properties in San Angelo, Texas.

Includes transcripts.
contained in: Greatest Generation Oral History Archive
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