A critical appraisal of "A cognitive-motor intervention using a dance video game to enhance foot placement accuracy and gait under dual task conditions in older adults: a randomized controlled trial"




Hou, Kai-Chi

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Motor and cognitive functions are very important in everyday activity. As a physical therapist, we will be treating many patients that have lost either their motor or cognitive functions. In this article, the researcher proposed the idea of incorporating the use of interactive video game to improve the foot placement and gait analysis of patients in the older generation. The experiment recruited a group of elder adults and divided them into two different group, one serves as the experimental group with interactive video game as part of the exercise routine and the other one served as the control group with only physical exercise. In this critical appraisal, I determined the credibility of the article, evaluated the paper's strength and weakness of each sections. Overall, the research paper provided a good example of how to set up tests to determine the benefits of interactive video game with physical exercise and provided ideas for future study base on its results. It serves as a good reference and an example of what to focus on and what not to do for future researches relating to the idea of using video games as an effective supplementary source to traditional therapy to improve cognitive and motor performances of patients.