A critical appraisal of "The effectiveness of serial casting and ankle foot orthoses in treating toe walking in children with autism spectrum disorder"




Lopez, Sebastian

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This paper is a critical appraisal of an article published in 2021 by the Pediatric Physical therapy journal from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) about the effects of ankle foot orthoses and serial casting on toe-walking in children with autism. The introduction to the clinical question is the reason behind the appraisal of this article, which was found through various database searches through the Angelo State University U-search function. The article's introduction, methods, results, and discussion section are appraised in the results section of this paper, under various subheadings. A synopsis of the article mentioned above is presented in the results section. The strengths and weaknesses of the applied intervention are examined in the discussion section. The discussion section provides an analysis of clinical significance and future implications for treatment and intervention methods. A combination of interventions is discussed for patients with issues like those found in the appraised article.