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    • Center for Security Studies Update with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison 

      Ehlers, Robert; Hutchison, Kay Bailey (RamTV, 2012)
      Dr. Robert Ehlers talks about the Center for Security Studies and its success, and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison talks about how the program got started and why it's important.
    • Stress Anxiety Depression 

      Jessen-Kyles, Dakota; Mangrum, Leah; Martinez, Javier; Jaynes, Greg; Pool, Billy (RAMTV, 2013)
      Billy Pool Director of the Counseling Services speaks to students about types of stress, managing stress and creating a balanced life.
    • Stephen Daly Art and Sculpture Exhibit 

      Jessen-Kyles, Dakota; Price, Taylor; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Steven; Wolfe, David (2013)
      Gallery talk with Stephen Daily about the sculpture and design exhibits.
    • 2014 Doing Authoethnography Conference - Dr. Christopher Poulos 

      Poulous, Christopher; Rhim, Guebin; Mangrum, Leah; Brown, Drew (RAMTV, 2014)
      Dr. Christopher Poulos speaks about writing as a way to process and understand life as part of the Autoethnography Conference in 2014.
    • Represent America to the World - Floyd Cable 

      Cable, Floyd; Hitch, Blair; Mangrum, Leah; Merritt, Kelsey (RamTV, 2014)
      Floyd Cable speaks to students about Civil Service, Foreign Service opportunities and benefits.
    • Rediscovering the Elements 

      Marshall, James; Marshall, Jenny; Bledsoe, Brian; Zeni, Drianna; Lopez, Ginelda; Higdon, Madeline; Bledsoe, Brian; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah (2014-09-30)
      Dr. James Marshall talks to students about the history of the elements and science
    • Teaching Philosophy Panel Discussion by the Communication, Mass Media & Theatre Department 

      Burnett, Michael J.; Pacheco, George; Simmons, Jake; Miller, N8; Wahl, Shawn; Zeni, Drianna; Marlar, Amanda; Mangrum, Leah; Boone, Jeffrey (2014-09-30)
      Presentation by Dr. Mike Burnett and Dr. Jake Simmons speak to graduate students and faculty about teaching in communication and theater. Graduate Students speak about research in practice about for presentation at Texas ...
    • Active Shooter Lecture 

      Adams, James (2014-09-30)
      Lecture from Chief James Adams of the Angelo State University Police Department on the topic of active shooters.
    • Naked Truth 

      Rutherford, Ted Unite (2014-09-30)
      Ted Unite Rutherford speaks to students about the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and how society views men and women in 2013
    • Where Stalin's Russia Defeated Hitler's Germany: World War II on the Eastern Front. 

      Wynn, Charters; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Cantu, Freddie; Wolfe, David; Davis, Ewa (2014-09-30)
      Dr. Wynn speaks about WII on the Eastern Front as part of a Russian Enrichment Program
    • Round Table Q&A with John Quiñones 

      Quiñones, John (2014-09-30)
      John Quiñones talks to students as a part of the HSI Speaker Series, held August 31, 2011
    • "What Instrumentalists Can Learn from Great Singers" 

      Bailey, John; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Tony; Williams, Alexa (2014-09-30)
      Dr. John Bailey speaks to music students about what instrumentalist can learn from Opera Singers
    • Sexual Assault Self Defense Demo 

      Cantu, Freddie; Mangrum, Leah; Murray, Dreshawn; Wolfe, David (2014-09-30)
      ASU Police Department demonstraton on sexual assault and self defense.
    • Creating a sense of community in your online classes 

      Stanley, Kristin (2014-09-30)
      Kristin Stanley speaks to teacher about building a sense of community in online classes
    • Black History Month panel Discussion, 2011 

      Gray, Sandra; Johnson, Ella Mae; Owens, Mary Frances; George, Phil; Miller, Nate; Darby, Kas; Clayson, Jens; Chamblis, Terry; Mangrum, Leah; Munzo, Joe; Fort Concho Museum (2014-10-03)
      On February 10, 2011, ASU hosted a panel discussion/presentation by local community members who shared their experiences during San Angelo’s segregation/integration period. The hour-long event was held in the University ...
    • Kevin Carroll Presentation 

      Carroll, Kevin (2014-10-07)
      Presentation by Kevin Carroll to students about life and the lessons learn from sports
    • Battle of Stalingrad Lecture 

      Henrikson, Terry; Miller, Nate; Zeni, Drianna; Miller, Nate; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Davis, Ewa (2014-10-07)
      Terry Henrikson speaks to students and about the Battle of Stalingrad as part of the Russian Enrichment Program
    • Business Development Lecture 

      Durovic, Max; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Tony; Jolly, Drew (2014-10-07)
      Max Durovic talks about starting a business and entrepreneurship in 2012 as part of a Business Development Lecture
    • Go for Red Luncheon 

      Kiser, Alice; Mclnnis, Jan; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Steven; McEnrue, Carolyn; Smith, Frann; Benslimane, Samia; King, Sonya (2014-10-07)
      Alice Kiser speaks about heart disease for women at The "Go for Red" luncheon in 2014.
    • Caribbean Lecture - Dr. Randoph Peters 

      Peters, Randolph (RamTV, 2014-10-07)
      Dr. Randoph Peters talks to students about the history of how Africans came to the Caribbean and what they brought, of their culture with them, of their culture with them