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    • Naked Truth 

      Rutherford, Ted Unite (2014-09-30)
      Ted Unite Rutherford speaks to students about the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and how society views men and women in 2013
    • Napoleon's Campaign Against Russia in 1812 - Dr. Charles Endress 

      Endress, Charels; Jaynes, Creg; Mangrum, Leah; Jaynes, Creg; Wolfe, David (RamTV, 2014-10-17)
      Dr. Charles Endress speaks about Napoleon's campaign against the Russian as part of the Russian Enrichment Program in 2013
    • Navajo Code Talkers 

      Tso, Samuel; Miller, N8; Zeni, Drianna; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah (2014-10-14)
      Samuel Tso speaks to student and community members about his experiences in World War II as a Navajo Code Talker.
    • Nursing Panel 2013 

      Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Weber, Zack; Jolly, Drew; Lopez, Lauren (2014-10-28)
      Panel discuss with local Nursing leader in 2013
    • Over There the Great War 

      Endress, Charles; Miller, Nate; Higdon, Madeline; Miller, N8; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Zeni, Drianna (2014-10-21)
      Dr. Charles Endress gives the Keynote address for the opening of the West Texas Collection's World War I exhibition in 2012.
    • Physics Colloquium 2014 - Dr. Rohit Deshpande 

      Deshpande, Rohit; Rhim, Elizabeth; Mangrum, Leah; McGreehan, Dianah (2014-10-27)
      Dr. Rohit Deshpande talks to students about what a planet is and two different ways to find planets and stars, as well as finding habitable planets.
    • The Physics Colloquium : Time Domain Science 

      Sand, David; Jolly, Drew; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Weber, Zack (2014-10-27)
      Dr. David Sand speaks to students about the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey (MENeaCS), a long-term program aimed at characterizing the supernova (SN) properties in low redshift galaxy clusters. The principle goals of ...
    • Presidential Lies: Deception and the Presidential Election 

      Curtis, Drew A.; Stenmark, Cheryl K.; Heimann, Connie; Watts, Deanna J.; Taylor, Jesse Lee; Mangrum, Leah; Plachno, Don; Ray, Brianna; Samaripa, Anthony (RamTV, 2017-01-24)
      ASU faculty present a panel discussion on deception in U.S. presidential elections, from the perspectives of psychology, political science, biology, and mathematics.
    • Progressive Women Artists of Texas 

      Edwards, Jim; Marvel, Bill; Blagg, Margaret; Miller, Nate; Clayson, Jens; Miller, Nate; Zeni, Drianna; Mangrum, Leah; Taylor, Howard; Dirienzo, Megan (2014-10-20)
      Symposium on Progressive Women Artists of Texas, with Jim Edwards, Bill Marvel, and Margaret Blagg speaking
    • ProLife Discussion - Judy Rouse 

      Rouse, Judy; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Tony; Weber, Zack (2014-10-17)
      Judy Rouse talks about life and ProLife issue, including setting personal boundaries and how mothers who are unexpectedly pregnant need love and support.
    • Promoting Student Sucess and Universal Principles and High Priority Practices - Joe Cuseo 

      Cuseo, Joe; Clayson, Jens; Mangrum, Leah; Zeni, Drianna; Clayson, Jens; Hatcher, Nick (2014-10-21)
      Joe Cueso speaks to faculty and staff about student success, advising, and integrated learning
    • Ramtastic Research: Navigating the Minefield of Misinformation 

      Wirth, Kimberly; Evans, Bonnie; Gonzales, Sara; Mangrum, Leah; Howard, Russell; Ray, Brianna; Mahome, Henry (RamTV, 2017-05-06)
      Librarian Kimberly Wirth teaches why we see, and how to recognize, untrustworthy information on the World Wide Web.
    • Readings from Keepingabreast 

      Jolly, Drew; Mangrum, Leah; Wolfe, David; Weber, Zack; Williams, Alexa (RamTV, 2014-09-24)
      Reading by member of theater department of play Keepingabreast by Jackie Rosenfeld
    • Rediscovering the Elements 

      Marshall, James; Marshall, Jenny; Bledsoe, Brian; Zeni, Drianna; Lopez, Ginelda; Higdon, Madeline; Bledsoe, Brian; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah (2014-09-30)
      Dr. James Marshall talks to students about the history of the elements and science
    • Represent America to the World - Floyd Cable 

      Cable, Floyd; Hitch, Blair; Mangrum, Leah; Merritt, Kelsey (RamTV, 2014)
      Floyd Cable speaks to students about Civil Service, Foreign Service opportunities and benefits.
    • Round Table Q&A with John Quiñones 

      Quiñones, John (2014-09-30)
      John Quiñones talks to students as a part of the HSI Speaker Series, held August 31, 2011
    • Russian Theatre 

      Burnett, Mike; Zeni, Drianna; Mangrum, Leah; Zeni, Drianna; Salas, Tony; Martinez, Javier (2014-10-27)
      Mr. Mike Burnett delivers lecture on the Russian theatre for the Russian Speaker Series.
    • San Angelo Ceramic Symposium 

      Taylor, Howard J.; Johnson, Christy; Meyers, Ron; Rea, Harley; Mangrum, Leah; Rea, Harley; Howard, Russell; Plachno, Don (RamTV, 2017-01-24)
      Howard Taylor moderates for panelists Christy Johnson and Ron Meyers at the 30th annual symposium.
    • Sarah's Journey 

      Panzau, Sarah; Wolfe, David W.; Mangrum, Leah; Wolfe, David W. (2014-10-17)
      Sarah Panzau's speaks to students and community members about drunk driving and her life and surviving a car accident that left her with one arm.
    • Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party 

      Pasqua, Elaine (2014-10-29)
      Elaine Pasqua, advocate for responsible choices, leads a presentation on sex and alcohol and decision making.