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    • Growing Older: Young Adults' Attitudes toward Aging and the Elderly 

      Elliott, Aeriel; Coleman, Barbara (2013-04-22)
      Stereotypes can have a strong influence on how people interact with one another, and sadly many young adults perceive the elderly in a negative light (Hummert 1990).This study investigates young adults’ perceptions of ...
    • An investigation on fruit fly mortality and the carrier state in disease transmission with the bacterium Serratia marcescens. 

      Mohamed, Fulanat; Jones, Dr. Crosby (2013-09-12)
      This study focused on the bacterium Serratia marcescens; specifically to assay its effect on fruit fly mortality, its ability to use the fruit fly as a living reservoir, and its transmissibility between fruit flies. It was ...
    • Invented Spelling Research Study 

      Warren, Tara (2014-04-16)
      The English language is a complex system, and spelling is equally complicated. Children learn to write the language through the process of invented spelling. Invented spelling is the attempt of a child or student to spell ...
    • Maximizing Your Wealth 

      Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing (2014-04-17)
      The objective of this project was to construct an optimal portfolio for small investors.
    • The Labour-Reserve Army in Karl Marx's Das Kapital, Vol. 1 

      Luján, Jarred (2014-04-21)
      In a world still reeling from the economic crisis of 2008, many questions regarding our market system arose. Notorious philosopher Karl Marx had asked many of these questions before. Marx has a longstanding position against ...
    • Evolutionary Computation for Poker AI 

      Olsen, Simon (2014-04-21)
      Our goal in this project was to teach a computer how to play Texas hold 'em poker using principles of artificial intelligence. The plan was to give the computer the rules of poker and, by using artificial neural networks ...
    • The Absence of Moral Teachings: Fictional Characters Lack Modest Behavior 

      Crawford, James (2014-04-21)
      Ludicrous education opportunities depicted in mythical and science fiction work are not a necessity in crafting a character to efficiently win battles psychologically and physically. Ender's Game, a novel written by Orson ...
    • The History and Mediatization of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales in American Culture 

      Hall, Justin (2014-04-28)
      The Grimms' fairy tales are the most well known collection of fairy tales in America, but the original meaning of the fairy tales was changed for American audiences in modern adaptations. When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm began ...
    • ASU Trumpet Quartet: Exploring the Possibilities 

      Unknown author (2014-06-03)
      This project affords the trumpet ensemble the knowledge, experience, and ability to practice and perform music on a professional level.
    • CRIUS:Undergraduate Research Journal 2014 

      Mata, Mario; Lehto, Heather; Schlemeyer, Brooke; Ward, James; Serio, Tara; Dixon, T. Michael; Mobley, Alexis; Ammerman, Loren; Denham, Aimee; Jones, Mary; Strenth, Ned; Olsen, Simon; LeGrand, Rob; Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing; Motl, Sean; Sanders, David; Hansen, Joshua; Kreitler, Crystal; Huereca, Jazmine; Ulibarri, Phylicia; Hartje, Mary Ellen; Hall, Justin; Muelsch, Christine; Sussdorf, Rebecca; Handlin, Tessa; Shocklee, Jordon; Young, Kala; Burnett, Michael; Siler, Misty; Wanoreck, Ethan; Muhammad, Shakira; Diaz, Jaslyn; Lujan, Jarred; Glassford, John; Huffman, Ethan; Batten, Brandon; Coffman, Adam; Irish, John; Kullberg, Kimberly; Lamberson, Christine; Dewar, David; Logsdon, Joshua; Dewar, David; Carrillo, Lynette; Coleman, Barbara; Hack, Tay; Tolboom, Suzanna; Battaglia, Adria (Angelo State University, 2014-09)
      Volume 2 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • Egg-laying habits of Slosser’s buckmoth (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Andrews County in northwest Texas 

      King, Trilby; Negovetich, Nicholas; Strenth, Ned; Partain, Lendon (2015)
      Hemileuca slosseri inhabits the rolling sand plains of southeastern New Mexico, northwest Texas, and southwestern Oklahoma, where the larval stages of this species feed exclusively on the leaves of Quercus havardii. Adults ...
    • Nosferatu’s Role in the Development of Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Androgyny in Vampire Film 

      Vest, Elizabeth (2015-04)
      This poster traces the influences of folklore and literature on F.W. Murnau's 1922 film Nosferatu, as well as traits specific to the film, demonstrating the various portrayals of sexuality, gender identity, and androgyny ...
    • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Comparison 

      Widdess, Kelcee; Herrick, Dorian; Wolf, Seraiah; Goggin, David; Pedra Neme, Barbara; Barros, Wellington; Carter, David (2015-04-23)
      UV-Vis spectrophotometers are used routinely to determine the concentration of solution species from the measured absorbance of light in accordance with Beer’s Law. A study was undertaken to compare the quantitative ...
    • The Effects of Cortisol on Cardiac Development/Functionality in Zebrafish 

      Farley, Miquela Hope (2015-04-27)
      Cortisol affects development, not only in zebrafish, but mammals as well. Experiments have concluded that cortisol can affect zebrafish cardiac development, but these experiments injected the embryo itself with the cortisol. ...
    • CRIUS: Undergraduate Research Journal 2015 

      Vera-Lopez, Laiza V.; Welch, Bailey L.; Satterfield, Joseph I.; Seidel, Darren; Ward, James W.; Calvin, Denine; Lehto, Heather; Kushnereit, Ross; Denham, Aimee N.; Ammerma, Loren K.; Farnen, Chelbee; Jones, Crosby; Murray, Sarah; Pena, Stephen; Roychoudhuri, Lopamudra; Conaway, Caitlyn; Porché, Jeremy; Rebrovich, Jack; Robertson, Shelby; Smith, Trey; Gray, Jordan; Jackson, Mark; Knox, Duncan; Eoff, Shirley; Hastings, Tyler; Burnett, Michael J.; Vest, Elizabeth; Muelsch, Elisabeth-Christine; deBie, Jennifer; Dalrymply, Terry; Ricard, Sawyer; Garrison, Kevin; Sullivan, Evelyn; Bolen, Derek; Trubenstein , Brittany; Kreitler, Crystal; Cargill , Joscelyn; Curtis, Drew; Ocker , Makenzie; Farley, Miquela H.; Fohn, Laurel; Harris , Micki; Dilts, Nicole Marie; King, Trilby; Negovetich, Nicholas; Partain, Lendon; Strenth, Ned E.; Bhatnagar, Paritosh; Wright, Ivan; Ferguson, Sarah; Sestric, Garret; Williams, Scott; Bruns , Caitlin; Amos, Bonnie; Kim, Dayoung; Welch, Barbara; Revelez, Marcia A.; Dowler, Robert C.; Wegner, John (Angelo State University, 2015-09)
      Volume 3 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • Context-Dependent Memory and Chewing Gum 

      Ocker, Makenzie; Kreitler, Crystal (2016)
      Context-dependent memory refers to improved recall of specific episodes or information when the context present at encoding and retrieval are the same. The effects that chewing gum has on memory during the encoding phase ...
    • New Mapping of Late Paleozoic Faults and Local Igneous Aquifers,Llano Uplift 

      Sparks, Travis; Satterfield, Joseph (2016)
      Abstract Recent geologic Mapping of Backbone Ridge, which includes the well-known Hoover Point road cut, within the Kingsland, Texas Quadrangle establishes a link between late Paleozoic faults and local igneous aquifers ...
    • Methodology for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 

      Goggin, David; Carter, Dr. David (2016)
      Qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were performed using a solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) technique and gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID) instrumentation. ...
    • Attachment Styles and Perceptions of Alcohol Consumption 

      Walker, Jordan; Kreitler, Crystal (2016)
      The investigators sought to explore the correlation between attachment style and alcohol consumption that has been highlighted by previous researchers (McNally, Palfai, Levine, & Moore, 2003; De Rick, Vanheule, & Verhaeghe, ...
    • Evaluation of Geophysical Techniques in the Determination of a Salt Contaminated Environment 

      Reed, Walter; Foust, Michael; Lehto, Heather; Ward, James (2016)
      Salt contaminated soils propose environmental risks for land that once flourished for agriculture use. To successfully remove or remediate a salt contaminated environment it is important to know the boundaries of the ...