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    • Campus Involvement of University Recreation Student Employees 

      Wilburn, Brianne; Simpson, Dr. Warren (2015)
      Involvement in campus activities such as intramurals, club sports, fraternities, sororities, honor societies, and athletic events are known to be an integral part of student retention and academic success. However, the ...
    • Case Study: The Effects of Suspension Training on Measures of Lower Limb Strength and Stability 

      Reeves, Jason; Byars, Allyn (2016-04)
      Introduction: Suspension Training (ST) can be traced back over 150 years ago when it was first used in physical education classes to promote bodyweight in multi-directional movements as a form of exercise. Since then, ST ...
    • Characterization and Observation of Dopants on Nano Quartz Crystal Growth 

      Felipe, Alfredo (2017-04)
      Nano silica particles were used as substrates for the deposition of dopant silver nano particles, with the resulting surfaces analyzed using AFM techniques. The introduction of ions in seeded crystal allow a controlled ...
    • Characterization of Self Assembled Monolayer Oxidation Using Nano-Lithography 

      Felipe, Alfredo (Angelo State University, 2018-04-20)
      Methods of complex nano-feature formations play an important role in the development of complex circuitry, biosensors, memory devices, display units and biochips1. Currently two general lithography methods are used in the ...
    • Cold water carbonate deposits of Quaternary Lake Russell, California 

      Passamano, Kylie; Last, Fawn (2017)
      For ~150 years, the lakes & Quaternary lacustrine sediments of the Great Basin of western United States have provided investigators with exceptional opportunities to examine past regional climate and hydrology changes. In ...
    • College Student Stress: Investigating Personality and Coping Strategy 

      Munsell, Rikee; Hack, Tay (2019-04-17)
      This research investigated stress and coping strategies of undergraduate students based on their personalities.
    • Community structure and population trends for bats in Big Bend National Park, Texas over the last 18 years 

      Adams, Erin; Ammerman, Loren (2014-05-06)
      The Chihuahuan Desert region in west Texas is known to support at least 27 species of bats, 22 species have been documented within Big Bend National Park (BBNP) alone. We examined the relative abundance of 5700 bats of ...
    • Comparing Strength of Knee That Had Surgery And Bilateral Knee That Didn’t 

      Colley, Maci; Parker, Adam (2017-04-28)
      This study focused on analyzing the muscular strength of individuals’ knees that have undergone surgery compared to their bilateral knees that have not undergone knee surgery. The purpose of the study was to detect whether ...
    • Comparison between Hong Kong and the United States’ economic variables: inflation rate, interest rate and unemployment rate 

      Miller, Ashleigh (2018-04-19)
      A pegged exchange rate system is one that involves the currency of one economy linking to the currency of another. The Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US at a rate of $7.8 HK to $1 US. There have been differing opinions ...
    • Comparison of Body Composition Among Different College Age Groups Using Bioelectrical Impedance 

      Reid, Ryan (2016-04-27)
      The current study focused on analyzing potential trends in body composition between genders and classifications of college-aged students. The aim of the study was to take a well-known phenomenon, the Freshman 15, and ...
    • Comparison of Estrus Synchronization Protocols and Fixed-Timed Artificial Insemination on Pregnancy Rate of Heifers 

      Unknown author (2016-04-25)
      Heifer reproduction rates with two different sync projets
    • A Comparison of Exercise and Eating Behaviors Between Genders 

      Torres, Eva (2017-04-26)
      Purpose: This study was to determine if people being perceived to look a certain way has an influence on disordered eating and exercise practices, and whether or not there is a difference between genders in regards to the ...
    • Comparison of two different methods of measuring body composition 

      Unknown author (2017-04-23)
      The research titled “Comparison of two different methods of measuring body composition” tested two methods of body composition assessment to compare of measurement and the accuracy of each one of them for similarity of ...
    • Complete the Sentence 

      Unknown author (2016)
      The purpose of this study was to explore gender stereotypes involved with criminal sentencing. Previous research revealed male perpetrators of sexual offense crimes received greater sentences than female perpetrators when ...
    • Concretions found in Tertiary Sands Along Ecleto Creek in Southern Texas 

      Wilson, Dustin (2017-04-28)
      Cemented nodules, or concretions are fairly common in the geologic record. Nonetheless they are important proxies for the understanding of processes occurring in Earth’s critical zone. Histories can be complex because of ...
    • Context-Dependent Memory and Chewing Gum 

      Ocker, Makenzie; Kreitler, Crystal (2016)
      Context-dependent memory refers to improved recall of specific episodes or information when the context present at encoding and retrieval are the same. The effects that chewing gum has on memory during the encoding phase ...
    • Correlation Between Body Composition and Fitness Components 

      Burtch, Madison (2018-04-14)
      Background Given the prevalence of overweight and obese individuals in our society today, it is important to know the implications of unhealthy body composition on our health. The purpose of this study was to investigate ...
    • CRIUS: Undergraduate Research Journal 2015 

      Vera-Lopez, Laiza V.; Welch, Bailey L.; Satterfield, Joseph I.; Seidel, Darren; Ward, James W.; Calvin, Denine; Lehto, Heather; Kushnereit, Ross; Denham, Aimee N.; Ammerma, Loren K.; Farnen, Chelbee; Jones, Crosby; Murray, Sarah; Pena, Stephen; Roychoudhuri, Lopamudra; Conaway, Caitlyn; Porché, Jeremy; Rebrovich, Jack; Robertson, Shelby; Smith, Trey; Gray, Jordan; Jackson, Mark; Knox, Duncan; Eoff, Shirley; Hastings, Tyler; Burnett, Michael J.; Vest, Elizabeth; Muelsch, Elisabeth-Christine; deBie, Jennifer; Dalrymply, Terry; Ricard, Sawyer; Garrison, Kevin; Sullivan, Evelyn; Bolen, Derek; Trubenstein , Brittany; Kreitler, Crystal; Cargill , Joscelyn; Curtis, Drew; Ocker , Makenzie; Farley, Miquela H.; Fohn, Laurel; Harris , Micki; Dilts, Nicole Marie; King, Trilby; Negovetich, Nicholas; Partain, Lendon; Strenth, Ned E.; Bhatnagar, Paritosh; Wright, Ivan; Ferguson, Sarah; Sestric, Garret; Williams, Scott; Bruns , Caitlin; Amos, Bonnie; Kim, Dayoung; Welch, Barbara; Revelez, Marcia A.; Dowler, Robert C.; Wegner, John (Angelo State University, 2015-09)
      Volume 3 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • CRIUS:Undergraduate Research Journal 2014 

      Mata, Mario; Lehto, Heather; Schlemeyer, Brooke; Ward, James; Serio, Tara; Dixon, T. Michael; Mobley, Alexis; Ammerman, Loren; Denham, Aimee; Jones, Mary; Strenth, Ned; Olsen, Simon; LeGrand, Rob; Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing; Motl, Sean; Sanders, David; Hansen, Joshua; Kreitler, Crystal; Huereca, Jazmine; Ulibarri, Phylicia; Hartje, Mary Ellen; Hall, Justin; Muelsch, Christine; Sussdorf, Rebecca; Handlin, Tessa; Shocklee, Jordon; Young, Kala; Burnett, Michael; Siler, Misty; Wanoreck, Ethan; Muhammad, Shakira; Diaz, Jaslyn; Lujan, Jarred; Glassford, John; Huffman, Ethan; Batten, Brandon; Coffman, Adam; Irish, John; Kullberg, Kimberly; Lamberson, Christine; Dewar, David; Logsdon, Joshua; Dewar, David; Carrillo, Lynette; Coleman, Barbara; Hack, Tay; Tolboom, Suzanna; Battaglia, Adria (Angelo State University, 2014-09)
      Volume 2 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • The Death of Chiron: Finding Peace in Assisted Suicide 

      Krause, Emily (2018-04-05)
      Most people know of great Greek heroes like Achilles, Hercules, and Jason. However, many are unaware of the Centaur, Chiron, who trained those heroes and many more.  Through this research, I explore how Chiron's myth is ...