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    • Growing Older: Young Adults' Attitudes toward Aging and the Elderly 

      Elliott, Aeriel; Coleman, Barbara (2013-04-22)
      Stereotypes can have a strong influence on how people interact with one another, and sadly many young adults perceive the elderly in a negative light (Hummert 1990).This study investigates young adults’ perceptions of ...
    • An investigation on fruit fly mortality and the carrier state in disease transmission with the bacterium Serratia marcescens. 

      Mohamed, Fulanat; Jones, Dr. Crosby (2013-09-12)
      This study focused on the bacterium Serratia marcescens; specifically to assay its effect on fruit fly mortality, its ability to use the fruit fly as a living reservoir, and its transmissibility between fruit flies. It was ...
    • Calculating Morality and Decision Making 

      Hansen, Joshua; Smith, Brenna; Kreitler, Crystal (2013-09-13)
      The dual-process theory of moral judgment (Greene, 2008) hypothesizes that moral responses to ethical decisions are fundamentally guided by two differing systems: one based in calculated reason (utilitarianism) and the ...
    • Motivating factors of CrossFit 

      Unknown author (2014)
      This study examined what motivates one to choose CrossFit, what motivates one to continue with the demands of CrossFit, and where the breakdown occurs in motivation causing some to discontinue CrossFit classes by analyzing ...
    • Invented Spelling Research Study 

      Warren, Tara (2014-04-16)
      The English language is a complex system, and spelling is equally complicated. Children learn to write the language through the process of invented spelling. Invented spelling is the attempt of a child or student to spell ...
    • Effects of Beliefs and Expectations of Yoga on College Students’ Yoga Experience 

      Browning, Patricia (2014-04-16)
      OBJECTIVES: Yoga’s popularity in the United States has increased five-fold in the last decade and this rising trend is reflected in University curricula as more campuses add yoga courses to their physical activity programs. ...
    • Wildfires & Drought Analysis for the Capital Area Council of Governments 

      Rubio Perez, Emmanuel; Phelps, James (2014-04-16)
      An analysis of available national data on droughts and wildfires indicate that Texas has encompassed a fluctuating drought for over a decade. The central and western portions of the state have been affected particularly ...
    • Maximizing Your Wealth 

      Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing (2014-04-17)
      The objective of this project was to construct an optimal portfolio for small investors.
    • The Absence of Moral Teachings: Fictional Characters Lack Modest Behavior 

      Crawford, James (2014-04-21)
      Ludicrous education opportunities depicted in mythical and science fiction work are not a necessity in crafting a character to efficiently win battles psychologically and physically. Ender's Game, a novel written by Orson ...
    • Organization of the San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium 

      Mancha, Amanda (2014-04-21)
      The purpose of this project was to be able to help organize a sports medicine conference. San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium is held every year in early January. People from around the United States come and discuss ...
    • Evolutionary Computation for Poker AI 

      Olsen, Simon (2014-04-21)
      Our goal in this project was to teach a computer how to play Texas hold 'em poker using principles of artificial intelligence. The plan was to give the computer the rules of poker and, by using artificial neural networks ...
    • The Labour-Reserve Army in Karl Marx's Das Kapital, Vol. 1 

      Luján, Jarred (2014-04-21)
      In a world still reeling from the economic crisis of 2008, many questions regarding our market system arose. Notorious philosopher Karl Marx had asked many of these questions before. Marx has a longstanding position against ...

      McWright, Shandi (2014-04-22)
      The survey reflects how attendance at Angelo State University Men’s Basketball games differed from attendance at Angelo State University Women’s Basketball games for the past season. This survey included various factors ...
    • Bats of the Devils River State Natural Area- Big Satan Unit, Val Verde County, Texas 

      Allred, F. Grayson; Dowler, Robert C.; Ammerman, Loren K. (2014-04-22)
      A survey of bats is being conducted to determine the species diversity and community composition at Devils River State Natural Area (DRSNA) – Big Satan Unit, as part of ongoing research with the Texas Parks and Wildlife ...
    • The History and Mediatization of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales in American Culture 

      Hall, Justin (2014-04-28)
      The Grimms' fairy tales are the most well known collection of fairy tales in America, but the original meaning of the fairy tales was changed for American audiences in modern adaptations. When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm began ...
    • Community structure and population trends for bats in Big Bend National Park, Texas over the last 18 years 

      Adams, Erin; Ammerman, Loren (2014-05-06)
      The Chihuahuan Desert region in west Texas is known to support at least 27 species of bats, 22 species have been documented within Big Bend National Park (BBNP) alone. We examined the relative abundance of 5700 bats of ...
    • Habitat Selection Of The White-Ankled Mouse (Peromyscus pectoralis) In Val Verde Co., Texas 

      Morgan, Clint; Dowler, Robert (2014-05-21)
      The purpose of this study conducted at the Devils River State Natural Area – Big Satan Unit, in Val Verde County, Texas, is to delineate which of 21 selected microhabitat variables are important to the microscale distribution ...
    • ASU Trumpet Quartet: Exploring the Possibilities 

      Unknown author (2014-06-03)
      This project affords the trumpet ensemble the knowledge, experience, and ability to practice and perform music on a professional level.
    • CRIUS:Undergraduate Research Journal 2014 

      Mata, Mario; Lehto, Heather; Schlemeyer, Brooke; Ward, James; Serio, Tara; Dixon, T. Michael; Mobley, Alexis; Ammerman, Loren; Denham, Aimee; Jones, Mary; Strenth, Ned; Olsen, Simon; LeGrand, Rob; Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing; Motl, Sean; Sanders, David; Hansen, Joshua; Kreitler, Crystal; Huereca, Jazmine; Ulibarri, Phylicia; Hartje, Mary Ellen; Hall, Justin; Muelsch, Christine; Sussdorf, Rebecca; Handlin, Tessa; Shocklee, Jordon; Young, Kala; Burnett, Michael; Siler, Misty; Wanoreck, Ethan; Muhammad, Shakira; Diaz, Jaslyn; Lujan, Jarred; Glassford, John; Huffman, Ethan; Batten, Brandon; Coffman, Adam; Irish, John; Kullberg, Kimberly; Lamberson, Christine; Dewar, David; Logsdon, Joshua; Dewar, David; Carrillo, Lynette; Coleman, Barbara; Hack, Tay; Tolboom, Suzanna; Battaglia, Adria (Angelo State University, 2014-09)
      Volume 2 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • Egg-laying habits of Slosser’s buckmoth (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Andrews County in northwest Texas 

      King, Trilby; Negovetich, Nicholas; Strenth, Ned; Partain, Lendon (2015)
      Hemileuca slosseri inhabits the rolling sand plains of southeastern New Mexico, northwest Texas, and southwestern Oklahoma, where the larval stages of this species feed exclusively on the leaves of Quercus havardii. Adults ...