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    • David Williams Letters 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
      David and Helen Williams lived in Yandell, Texas, where they ranched for a living. In October 1886, David Williams was involved in a fatal drowning accident along the North Concho. James Coleman is the grandson of David ...
    • Deflation measures go too far when wifely house plans affected 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1966-04-21)
    • Despite big plans, roundup time came before we could rehearse 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1965-09-09)
    • Did localized drouth really turn rancher’s brunette wig light grey? 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1967-06-29)
    • Did sit-in at LBJ ranch prove his cattle can’t winter on pear? 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1965-04-29)
    • Don’t shoot eagles from plane or while falling off windmills 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1965-01-21)
    • Dorothy Kelly Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
      Dorothy King Kelly was the daughter of Oscar John King, who worked for Marathon Oil Company for 20 years, starting in 1930. Oscar John King appeared in the photograph included in the collection of the Orient Railroad along ...
    • Dr. Arnoldo De León Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-27)
      Dr. De León is from Corpus Christi and received his B.A. from Angelo State University and his MA. And PhD. from Texas Christian University Collection, and currently is a Professor of History at Angelo State University. ...
    • Dr. Kate Adele Hill Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-12)
      Dr. Kate Adele Hill, a native of Travis County and the author of three books related to her work as a county home demonstration agent, was the granddaughter of Sam H. Hill, early Schleicher County settler. The family’s ...
    • Drouth tends to draw shortgrassers even closer together 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1969-08-21)
    • E.L. Nunnally Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-12)
      E.L. Nunnally was a high school Latin teacher at San Angelo High School for two decades and in 1928 became the first registrar at San Angelo Junior College. The collection includes the Westerner yearbooks for San Angelo ...
    • Ed Fisher Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2014-01-25)
      Ed Fisher (born 1924) had a varied career. He taught at Angelo State University, surveyed land, and worked in real estate. After his retirement he poured himself into writing about the history of West Texas. The majority ...
    • Edwards Plateau Historical Association Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-12)
      Abstract: The Edwards Plateau Historical Association is composed of nineteen counties from Kendall on the South to Coleman on the north. The Association was founded at Menard, TX on 20 October 1962. Each meeting focuses ...
    • Eight students still at home, one in college 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1968-09-26)
    • Elda Dougherty Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-03)
      Elda C. Dougherty moved to San Angelo, TX from Denver, CO with her husband Dr. Newal J. Dougherty in the 1930s and worked as a professional dance instructor for most of her life. She died in 1991. The collection contains ...
    • Elton T. Mims Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-01-29)
      Elton T. Mims (1908-1998) was active in the historical preservation and transcribed, typed, and indexed the David Williams letters owned by the Tom Green County Historical Society. The collection contains transcriptions ...
    • Emil Rassman Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-17)
      Emil Rassman of Midland, TX served on the Board of Regents for the Texas State University System and the Board of Regents for the West Texas Chamber of Commerce; he was also affiliated with the Permian Basin Petroleum ...
    • Emsy and Annie Justice Swaim Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2014-03-20)
      Emsy and Annie Justice Swaim lived in Eden, Texas and were partners of a law firm, Swaim and Swaim, in Concho County. Emsy Swaim was an avid history buff. The Swaim Collection can be roughly divided into two main areas: ...
    • Equine mania has no real cure; just hang up rusty shoe and pray 

      Noelke, Montgomery Blackwell, Jr. (1966-01-13)
    • Eubank-Hubbard Genealogy Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2014-01-25)
      Hubbard Family research primarily from Wilkes County, GA, Chesterfield County, VA, Harris County, Mecklenburg County NC, and Montgomery County, TN including general records, wills, Revolutionary War records, deeds, maps, ...