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    • Artist Lecture by Sharon Booma 

      Booma, Sharon; Cantu, Freddie; Wolfe, David W.; Wolfe, David W.; Mangrum, Leah; Torres, Lauren; Salas, Steven (2014-10-15)
      Sharon Booma talks about her experiences with art and she got started when she was younger.
    • Autoethnography Conference 2014 - Lisa Tillmann 

      Tillman, Lisa; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; McGreehan, Dianah (2014-10-14)
    • Civil War Lecture Series: Civil War and Baseball 

      Dewar, David; Bluthardt, Bob; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Smith, Greg (RamTV, 2014-09-30)
      Presentation by Dr. David Dewar and Bob Bluthardt "Baseball and the Civil War" as part of the Civil War Lecture Series
    • Foreign Affairs Speaker 2014 - Robert Hunter 

      Hunter, Robert; Salas, Steven; Mangrum,Leah; Martinez, Javier; Salas, Steven (RamTV, 2014-10-08)
      Robert Hunter lecture "Middle East and Reinforcing Earthquakes" as part of 2014 Holland-Harrell Foreign Affairs Speakers Program
    • Go for Red Luncheon 

      Kiser, Alice; Mclnnis, Jan; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Steven; McEnrue, Carolyn; Smith, Frann; Benslimane, Samia; King, Sonya (2014-10-07)
      Alice Kiser speaks about heart disease for women at The "Go for Red" luncheon in 2014.
    • Let's talk design 

      Tascoe, Jaribai (2014-10-07)
      HGTV Lecture with Jaribai Tascoe
    • Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party 

      Pasqua, Elaine (2014-10-29)
      Elaine Pasqua, advocate for responsible choices, leads a presentation on sex and alcohol and decision making.
    • Stephen Daly Art and Sculpture Exhibit 

      Jessen-Kyles, Dakota; Price, Taylor; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Steven; Wolfe, David (2013)
      Gallery talk with Stephen Daily about the sculpture and design exhibits.
    • Where Stalin's Russia Defeated Hitler's Germany: World War II on the Eastern Front. 

      Wynn, Charters; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Cantu, Freddie; Wolfe, David; Davis, Ewa (2014-09-30)
      Dr. Wynn speaks about WII on the Eastern Front as part of a Russian Enrichment Program
    • Writer's Conference 2013 - Christina Garcia 

      Garcia, Cristina; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Murry, Dreshawn; Cantu, Freddie; Wolfe, David (RamTV, 2014-09-08)
      Readings and discussion with Cristina Garcia
    • Writer's Conference 2014 - Juan Felipe Herrera 

      Herrera, Juan Felipe; Salas, Steven; Salas, Steven; Rhim, Elizabeth; Mangrum, Leah (RamTV, 2014-05-28)
      A Conversation with Juan Felipe Herrera with questions from audience