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    • A Game of Drones: Comparing the U.S. Aerial Assassination Campaign in Yemen and Pakistan 

      Hoyt, Melanie Raeann
      To combat the terrorist threat the United States faces in Yemen and Pakistan, Remotely Piloted Vehicles have been employed to deter, deflect, and defend. These RPV’s operate thousands of miles from the closest military ...
    • Civil War Lecture Series: Civil Rights 

      Lamberson, Christine; Wongsrichanalai, Kanisore; Howard, Russell; Plachno, Donald; Mangrum, Leah; Howard, Russell (RamTV, 2015-04-09)
      Dr. Wongsrichanali and Dr. Lamberson talk lecture about Civil Rights when the Civil War ended and in the present day.
    • Comparison of Climate Action Plans among Three Major Cities: Vancouver, Chicago, and Mexico City 

      Miles, Holly Anne
      Municipal climate action planning continues to grow as a section of climate action planning. Global climate action planning, conducted at a country level, will not suffice to stop climate change. Rather, cities need to ...
    • CRIUS:Undergraduate Research Journal 2014 

      Mata, Mario; Lehto, Heather; Schlemeyer, Brooke; Ward, James; Serio, Tara; Dixon, T. Michael; Mobley, Alexis; Ammerman, Loren; Denham, Aimee; Jones, Mary; Strenth, Ned; Olsen, Simon; LeGrand, Rob; Antle, Aubrey; Huang, Biqing; Motl, Sean; Sanders, David; Hansen, Joshua; Kreitler, Crystal; Huereca, Jazmine; Ulibarri, Phylicia; Hartje, Mary Ellen; Hall, Justin; Muelsch, Christine; Sussdorf, Rebecca; Handlin, Tessa; Shocklee, Jordon; Young, Kala; Burnett, Michael; Siler, Misty; Wanoreck, Ethan; Muhammad, Shakira; Diaz, Jaslyn; Lujan, Jarred; Glassford, John; Huffman, Ethan; Batten, Brandon; Coffman, Adam; Irish, John; Kullberg, Kimberly; Lamberson, Christine; Dewar, David; Logsdon, Joshua; Dewar, David; Carrillo, Lynette; Coleman, Barbara; Hack, Tay; Tolboom, Suzanna; Battaglia, Adria (Angelo State University, 2014-09)
      Volume 2 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium
    • Great War Lecture Series: Texans in the Great War 

      Klingemann, John; Wongsrichanalai, Kanisorn; Lamberson, Christine; Ray, Brianna; Howard, Russ; Mangrum, Leah; Ray, Brianna; Ally (RAMTV, 2015-09-17)
      “Series & Project Introduction” & “Texans in the Great War: the 36th Infantry Division”: Profs. Christine Lamberson & Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai, both assistant professors in the Department of History, will introduce their ...