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    • 2014 Education Symposium 

      Jaynes, Greg; McGreenhan, Dianah; Mangrum, Leah; Jaynes, Greg; Martinez, Javier (2014-10-17)
      Education Symposium
    • Civil Rights Lecture Series : Local Stories of Integration 

      Owens, Mary Frances; George, Phil; Rhim, Elizabeth; Mangrum, Leah; Jaynes, Greg (RamTV, 2014-10-28)
      Retired ASU coach Phil George and retired school teacher Mary Frances Owens share stories of integration in San Angelo.
    • Foreign Affairs Speaker 2012 - Molly Williamson Lecture 2 

      Williamson, Molly; Bledsoe, Brian; Zeni, Drianna; Jaynes, Greg; Weber, Zach; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Garza, Robert (RamTV, 2014-10-03)
      Molly Williamson lecture "Unrest in the Middle East: Impact on Energy and the Global Economy" as part of the 2012 Holland-Hanrell Foreign Affairs Speakers Program
    • Holland Symposium 2013 - Michael Mann 

      Mann, Michael E.; Hitch, Blair; Martinez, Javier; Mangrum, Leah; Hitch, Blair; Price, Taylor; Wolfe, David; Flores, Lauren; Jolly, Drew; Jaynes, Greg (RamTV, 2014-10-06)
      Michael Mann speaks at the 2013 Holland Symposium "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars" and answers questions from the audience
    • Naked Truth 

      Rutherford, Ted Unite (2014-09-30)
      Ted Unite Rutherford speaks to students about the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and how society views men and women in 2013
    • Stress Anxiety Depression 

      Jessen-Kyles, Dakota; Mangrum, Leah; Martinez, Javier; Jaynes, Greg; Pool, Billy (RAMTV, 2013)
      Billy Pool Director of the Counseling Services speaks to students about types of stress, managing stress and creating a balanced life.
    • Writer's Conference 2012 - Leslie Marmon Silko 

      Silko, Leslie Marmon; Wolfe, David W.; Wolfe, David W.; Jaynes, Greg; Williams, Alexa; Mangrum, Leah (RamTV, 2014-09-16)
      Interview with Leslie Marmon Silko