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    • A Usability and Eyetracking Study Over the Effectiveness of the Layouts of Three Video-Based Websites: YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo 

      Ricard, Sawyer Lynn
      Website usability is a practice commonly explored in various studies throughout the past several years (Cha; Madsen; Roth). The feedback gained through these projects allows companies to build sites that best fit their ...
    • Agave flower visitation by pallid bats, Antrozous pallidus, in the Big Bend region of Texas 

      Jaquish, Virginia Gail
      Pallid bats, Antrozous pallidus, though primarily insectivorous gleaning predators, are known to consume nectar of the cardón cactus, Pachycereus pringlei, in the Sonoran Desert. It is unknown whether a similar nectar ...
    • CRIUS: Undergraduate Research Journal 2015 

      Vera-Lopez, Laiza V.; Welch, Bailey L.; Satterfield, Joseph I.; Seidel, Darren; Ward, James W.; Calvin, Denine; Lehto, Heather; Kushnereit, Ross; Denham, Aimee N.; Ammerma, Loren K.; Farnen, Chelbee; Jones, Crosby; Murray, Sarah; Pena, Stephen; Roychoudhuri, Lopamudra; Conaway, Caitlyn; Porché, Jeremy; Rebrovich, Jack; Robertson, Shelby; Smith, Trey; Gray, Jordan; Jackson, Mark; Knox, Duncan; Eoff, Shirley; Hastings, Tyler; Burnett, Michael J.; Vest, Elizabeth; Muelsch, Elisabeth-Christine; deBie, Jennifer; Dalrymply, Terry; Ricard, Sawyer; Garrison, Kevin; Sullivan, Evelyn; Bolen, Derek; Trubenstein , Brittany; Kreitler, Crystal; Cargill , Joscelyn; Curtis, Drew; Ocker , Makenzie; Farley, Miquela H.; Fohn, Laurel; Harris , Micki; Dilts, Nicole Marie; King, Trilby; Negovetich, Nicholas; Partain, Lendon; Strenth, Ned E.; Bhatnagar, Paritosh; Wright, Ivan; Ferguson, Sarah; Sestric, Garret; Williams, Scott; Bruns , Caitlin; Amos, Bonnie; Kim, Dayoung; Welch, Barbara; Revelez, Marcia A.; Dowler, Robert C.; Wegner, John (Angelo State University, 2015-09)
      Volume 3 Number 1 of the CRIUS. This journal includes the research of undergraduate students as part of Research & Creative Endeavor Symposium

      Erickson, Jodi Nicole
      This thesis presents relevant research on accepted practices for writing and revising short fiction, applies the advice to an original piece of short fiction, and analyzes the results of this application. The following ...