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    • Wanda Medders Newspaper Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2014-01-25)
      Mrs. Wanda Medders purchased the bound volume from a former employee of the paper. The collection contains a bound volume of the San Angelo Daily Standard, dated 1 May 1921-31 August 1921.
    • Water Quality of the Concho River System around San Angelo, TX 

      Dragt, Austin (2018-04-20)
      This study analyzes and compares the quality of surface water in areas that differ in urban development around San Angelo, Texas. Using water samples from the San Angelo water sheds and an additional watershed from Ballinger, ...
    • Waterfiltration and Treatment 

      Anable, Daniel, Alyssa, Deyton, James, Tony, Rafeal, Matt, Juan Davenport-Herbst, Riddle, Robinson, Roy, Sanchez, Smith, Blandon (2016-04-25)
      We are working on a research project in which we are designing and building a water treatment system for an under-privileged community in Colombia. Our plan is to implement a 2-stage system in which we will filter and ...
    • Watershed Commonwealths 

      Miller, Char (2014-10-17)
      Char Miller talks about the droughts throughout central Texas to California and the types of water systems that are used today
    • The West Texas Violence Index. 

      Angelo State University; Community Development Initiatives (Angelo State University, 2017-02)
      The West Texas Violence Index compares data for four cities on violent events that can overwhelm a community and its people. The four cities are Abilene, Midland, Odessa, and San Angelo. A distinctive aspect of the Index ...
    • What Influences Affect Pre-Service Teachers Views of Teaching Science 

      Shirley, Sarah (2018-04-11)
      Many preservice elementary and middle school teacher candidates do not appear to enjoy science or find it interesting (Bergman & Morphew, 2015; Howitt, 2007; Uyanik, 2016). There has been a significant amount of research ...
    • "What Instrumentalists Can Learn from Great Singers" 

      Bailey, John; Weber, Zack; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Salas, Tony; Williams, Alexa (2014-09-30)
      Dr. John Bailey speaks to music students about what instrumentalist can learn from Opera Singers
    • What Resources Do Child Abuse Survivors Want? 

      Winn, Nicolette; Stenmark, Cheryl (2016-04-09)
      Much attention has been paid to the adverse effects of maltreatment during childhood. Many researchers have examined the effects of child abuse, but much less attention has been paid to determining what resources may be ...
    • When Teaching Goes Bad - First Day Activities 

      Curtis, Drew A.; Cordell-McNulty, Kristi L.; Sport, Brooke J.; Good, Cody; Downing, Tyler J. (2016-04-09)
      Some first day of class activities are inspiring; others are not, but does the quality of a first day activity influence student motivation and engagement? Some suggest that the first day of class matters, it sets the stage ...
    • When the Honeymoon Phase Ends: Narrative Perspectives on Reintegration Following Military Deployment 

      Miller, Brittney Jae
      Being the partner of a military member comes with a unique set of challenges often not faced by civilian couples. Research within the interpersonal communication discipline is expanding to include military couples, ...
    • Where Stalin's Russia Defeated Hitler's Germany: World War II on the Eastern Front. 

      Wynn, Charters; Salas, Steven; Mangrum, Leah; Cantu, Freddie; Wolfe, David; Davis, Ewa (2014-09-30)
      Dr. Wynn speaks about WII on the Eastern Front as part of a Russian Enrichment Program
    • Whiteness and Civility: White Racial Attitudes in the Concho Valley, 1869-1930 

      Johnston, Matthew Scott
      Implicit in the ideology of White Supremacy is the idea of moral supremacy over non-white peoples. However, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century whites consistently crossed the blurry, racialized line that ...
    • Wildfires & Drought Analysis for the Capital Area Council of Governments 

      Rubio Perez, Emmanuel; Phelps, James (2014-04-16)
      An analysis of available national data on droughts and wildfires indicate that Texas has encompassed a fluctuating drought for over a decade. The central and western portions of the state have been affected particularly ...
    • Will super juniper-eating sires produce super juniper-eating offspring? 

      Tidwell, Kendall W. (2011-03-03)
      When preconditioned in pens, goats develop a preference for juniper on pasture. The objective of this study was to see if sires selectively bred for high juniper consumption produce offspring that consume more juniper than ...
    • William Shakespeare's MacBeth: A Staged Reading 

      Ashworth-King, Erin Leigh; Burnett, Michael J.; Howard, Russell; Mangrum, Leah; Howard, Russell; Plachno, Don; Digital Juice (RamTV, 2017-04-25)
      Dr. Ashworth-King leads students of British Drama in a reading of Shakespeare's MacBeth. The performance marked the anniversary of Shakespeare's death.
    • Wind Ensemble Concert: "Night on Fire" 

      ASU Wind Ensemble; Alvis, Jonathan; Shuey, Trent W.; Womack, Jeff; Irish, John; Gonzales, Sara; Salazar, Vincent; Mangrum, Leah; Mahome, Henry; Howard, Russell; Plachno, Don (RamTV, 2017-04-28)
      Dr. Jonathan Alvis and Trent Shuey conduct the ASU Wind Ensemble in a public concert.
    • Winning the Long Game: Transforming Enemies Into Allies 

      McIntyre, Blake Daniel
      The complexity of globalization and how it impacts U.S. national security combined with the political need to create policies easy for the general public to understand have caused U.S. politicians to rely heavily on sanctions ...
    • Woman's Forum Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-10)
      The Woman’s Forum was organized 15 February 1937. Since that time the group has sponsored numerous other organizations. These organizations have been involved in charitable and social work within the city. The collection ...
    • Women's Education in Rwanda 

      Hernandez, Cecilia (2017)
      In the last two decades, Rwandan women have continued to challenge the traditions of inequality and history of their once tragedy-stricken country. They have reached new heights in their involvement in government and ...
    • Woodwind Concert 

      ASU Woodwind Quintet; Womack, James Jeffery (RamTV, 2017-05-05)
      The ASU Woodwind Quintet performs a unique concert that includes a narrator and percussionist.