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    • Oasis 2015 

      Arredondo, Pedro U.; Boykins, Bryan; Brewer, Logan; Bryant, Alexander C.; Castaneda, Linette; deBie, Jenni; Dennis, Letti; Dominguez, Adrian; DuBose, Shania; Enriquez, Angel; Garland, Joe; Gonzales, Judith; Hernandez, Alonzo; Hernandez, Bianca E.; Hernandez, Maria; Ibarra, Adriana Marie; Jameson, J.; Kennedy, Bonnie; Kisa, I. A.; Ledesma, Abigail F.; Mahome, Henry III; McKeown, Steven; Medrano, Nayeli; Meredith, Addison; Mendoza, Armando; Morales, Crystal; Mullen, Mikayla; Murr, Krista; Neuwirth, Lacy; Pierce, Rebecca; Pippin, Kelsey; Ramirez, Alexandria; Rappe, Leah; Reynolds, Arielle L.; Rhea, Kiah K.; Romo, Allison; Romo, Allison; Secundino, Ashton; Simmons, Tevin L.; Starnes, Elizabeth; Tamez, Melanie Trevino; Templin, B.; Thomas, Haley; Tinney, Wesley B.; Torres, Fabian; Trujillo, Katrina; Trujillo, Melissa; Wegner, Sydney (English and Modern Language Department of Angelo State University, 2015-05-01)
      Collection of poetry, creative writing and art work by students at Angelo State University during the 2014-2015 school year
    • Oasis 2016 

      Dominguez, Adrian; Lezovich, Ari; Mendoza, Armando; Reyna, Patrick; Talamantez, Loren; Tamez, Melanie Trevino; Ward, Kristyn; Marshall, Desiree; Brewer, Logan; Gonzalez, Alma; Gonzalez, Isaac; Lopez, Josh; Medrano, Nayeli; Torres, Fabian; Troncoso, Micala; Allen, Tiffany; Burns, Birtha; Diaz, Juan; Evans, Amanda; Hernandez, Jesse; Huddleston, Jennifer; Kennedy, Bonnie; Kisa, I.; Ledesma, Anna F.; Nakamura, Victoria; Neuwirth, Lacy; Patterson, Brittany; Pippin, Kelsey; Robbins, Calah; Tran, Jessy; Trujillo, Katrina; Perez, Edith; Shoemake, Talon; Templin, Barbara (Department of English and Modern Languages, 2016-04-01)
      Literary Magazine with artwork, photographs submitted by students.
    • Occurrence of Eptesipox Virus in Big Brown Bats 

      Tipton, Craig; Ammerman, Loren (2016-04)
      The recently described pathogen, Eptesipox virus, was first reported in 2013 based on 6 Big Brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington state. These individuals suffered from joint ...
    • Ollie Joyce Eaton Collection 

      West Texas Collection (2015-02-10)
      Donated by Ollie Joyce Eaton (associated with the DAR, the DRT, and the Tom Green County Historical Society), the collection contains four boxes of miscellaneous materials relating to CC Fitzgerald, the Parsons’ Texas ...

      Osmanski, Austin Blake
      We examined the effectiveness of using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a tool for the rapid assessment of microhabitat in Texas spotted whiptail (Aspidoscelis gularis) and greater earless lizard (Cophosaurus texanus). ...
    • Online Auctions and Social Media 

      Meza, Leah .
      With new forms of technology continually coming out, people have been creating more modern and convenient ways to find and complete tasks, and this leads to new jobs coming to life. In the wake of these changes, online ...
    • OPEC's production announcements: The effect they have on stock market returns for the United States and Texas' oil sector 

      Flores, Christopher (2016-04-28)
      The objective of the this project is to determine whether OPEC’s production announcements have a negative or positive effect on stock market returns for the United States and Texas region during Jan. 2001- Dec. 2015 and ...
    • Organization of the San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium 

      Mancha, Amanda (2014-04-21)
      The purpose of this project was to be able to help organize a sports medicine conference. San Angelo Sports Medicine Symposium is held every year in early January. People from around the United States come and discuss ...
    • Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre: A History 

      Rodriguez, Eli (2017-04-17)
      Few artists can claim to have had such success in so many forms of media as Orson Welles. His vision spanned decades and developed through three distinct yet closely related forms. Founded as a federally funded theatre ...
    • Others' Deception Attitude Measure: Investigating its Psychometric Properties 

      Curtis, Drew A.; Dickens, Chelsea; Blauser, Kelsey P.; Sonni-Oquendo, Ariadna N.; Robles, Alexandra B. (2017)
      Many people hold negative attitudes toward others who lie (Curtis, 2013; Curtis, 2015; Curtis & Hart, 2015; Curtis, Huang, & Nicks, 2015). Recently, a scale has been developed to measure attitudes toward others who employ ...
    • Others' Deception Attitude Measure: Investigating its Psychometric Properties 

      Sonni-Oquendo, Ariadna; Robles, Alexandra; Dickens, Chelsea; Blauser, Kelsey; Curtis, Drew (2017-04-26)
      Many people hold negative attitudes toward others who lie (Curtis, 2013; Curtis, 2015; Curtis & Hart, 2015; Curtis, Huang, & Nicks, 2015). Recently, a scale has been developed to measure attitudes toward others who employ ...
    • "Out of Mere Words": Linguistic Placement, Displacements, and Replacements in A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man 

      Barchet, Alexander W. (2016-04-29)
      James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, while seemingly simple both thematically and structurally, is a deceptively complex novel which embodies the major development in Joyce’s fiction— Joyce’s movement ...
    • Over There the Great War 

      Endress, Charles; Miller, Nate; Higdon, Madeline; Miller, N8; Wolfe, David; Mangrum, Leah; Zeni, Drianna (2014-10-21)
      Dr. Charles Endress gives the Keynote address for the opening of the West Texas Collection's World War I exhibition in 2012.
    • PAHs in candles 

      Salazar, Alondra; Krug, Baxter; Herrick, Dorian (2018-04-19)
      Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) have been identified in candle emissions in previous research. The research reported in this poster uses a less equipment intensive (lower cost) method for isolating PAHs in candle ...
    • Pancho Villa and the Border Revolution 

      West Texas Collection (2014-01-25)
      Material pertains to Pancho Villa and the Border Revolution including books, periodicals, maps, manuscripts, lantern slides, music and post cards covering all aspects of the military operation including first use of military ...

      Cargill, Joscelyn Renee (2015-05-29)
      Psychologists have completed much research in the broad field of deception, but an emerging topic is the deception within parent/child relationships. Previous studies have shown that parents lie to their children in order ...

      Chodacki, Griffin Daniel
      A current northward expansion of Ringed (Megaceryle torquata) and Green Kingfishers (Chloroceryle americana) places them in aquatic systems with the temperate Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon). I surveyed a 23.5km ...
    • Pathways to Progress. Volume I: Community Development Challenges for San Angelo, Texas and Surrounding Communities 

      Stewart, Kenneth L.; Jones, Laurence F.; Baugh, Mimi; Boggs, Jennifer; Cantu, Cera; Cisneros, Makayla; Goodman, Jeffrey; Gregg, Erin; Hanby, Michelle; McLane, Susan (Angelo State University, 2017-03-01)
      In 2011, we at Community Development Initiatives (CDI) met with Jack Cowan and Mike Kelly, editors of the San Angelo Standard Times newspaper. We sought approval to write a monthly article for the paper that would focus ...
    • Patterns of genetic diversification in a widespread species of bat, Molossus molossus 

      Lindsey, Laramie Louise (2014-05-02)
      The taxonomy and evolutionary relationships of the velvety free-tailed bat, Molossus molossus, from Central and South America has long been debated. Within this species, and in fact the entire genus Molossus, specimens ...
    • Perceptions of Gender on Moral Intensity 

      Chavarria, Andrea; Kreitler, Crystal; Stenmark, Cheryl (2016)
      Despite the fight for gender equality, differences in reactions to certain behaviors and decisions based on gender prevail (Lee & James, 2007). Research shows that preference for a male employer continues to exceed ...