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    • Great War Lecture Series: Drafting for the World War and the World Series 

      Taylor, William A.; Dewar, David P.; Ray, Brianna; Mangrum, Leah; Ray, Brianna; Mahome, Henry; Plachno, Don; Howard, Russell (RamTV, 2017-01-23)
      Doctors William A. Taylor and David P. Dewar lecture on the World War 1 draft, and its effect on baseball and Shoeless Joe Jackson.
    • Great War Lecture Series: Fighting the Great War 

      Silbey, David; Ray, Brianna; Howard, Russ; Mangrum, Leah; Ray, Brianna (RAMTV, 2015-11-16)
      David Silbey discusses how nations mobilized their citizenry for the global conflict., and how war affects the society around them.
    • Great War Lecture Series: Freedom of the Seas 

      Hindman, Jim; Ray, Brianna; Howard, Russ; Ray, Brianna; Bean, Ally; Mangrum, Leah (RAMTV, 2015-10-27)
      “Freedom of the Seas: German U-Boat Warfare, the Lusitania, and America’s Entry into the Great War”: Former Angelo State University president and History Department professor Jim Hindman discusses the role of diplomacy ...
    • Latino Americans History Series: The Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial of 1942 

      Weitz, Mark; Ray, Brianna; Mangrum, Leah; Ray, Brianna; Plachno, Don; Howard, Russell (RamTV, 2017-02-08)
      Mark Weitz presents the social and political conditions that influenced the Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trials